Grants Given in South Africa

2014 Grants

January to December 2014

Cause Region Amount

African Angels

African Angels is a committed non profit organization who established the African Angels Independent School in January 2012. The school provides a high quality education to some of the poorest children in the area, with the aim of breaking the poverty cycle through education.

South Africa $R10,000

Epworth Childrens Village

Epworth makes a DIFFERENCE in the lives of children and families every day and has been doing that for 99 years. Epworth children’s Home has evolved into a community resource centre that is a diversified, dynamic and  developmentally oriented organisation. The services we offer include 1) effective community outreach 2) service delivery to schools 3) support and mentorship to other smaller organisations 4) assessment and therapy 5) training for professionals, parents and 6) running children's therapeutic residential care.

South Africa $R10,000

Coastal Horse Care Unit

CHCU is committed to the welfare of all horses and donkeys from all disciplines of equine involvement. CHCU is based on a farm in the Cato Ridge area. The farm will be run as a rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming centre for horses who are abused or neglected. The centre will become sustainable, by having regular fundraising events and opening the farm to the public by offering an intereactive and educational animal farm with a small tea garden and playground area for children.

South Africa $R5,000


The uMsunduzi and Umgeni River systems have become badly degraded through neglect and over-exploitation. With increasing demands on resources, poor governance and external threats such as global climate change, these river systems will be increasingly unable to support the range of aquatic, riverine and human life which is dependent on a healthy river system. DUCT recognise that the problems with the health of the rivers are large and have not developed overnight. Their vision is ambitious and will only be achieved through progressive, combined and sustained actions by government and civil society. Their role is to: raise awareness of problems with river health; develop, demonstrate and encourage the adoption of solutions to these problems; support and learn from people and communities who wish to make a difference or are already making a difference to the health of their rivers; actively engage in river health projects, education and capacity building. They work in partnership with other organisations, whether from civil society or government, who share their vision.

South Africa $5,000

Nkosinathi Foundation 

Nkosinathi was founded in Port Elizabeth in 1948 by a small group of blind people, with the purpose to offer support to newly blinded people in any way possible. This was done by established blind people sharing their knowledge and experience with newly blinded people. It has grown and is now managed by a Management Board of which 60% are blind or partially sighted. This board employs professionals to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to any blind or partially sighted person in the Eastern Cape.

South Africa $R11,500

Lettie Fouche School     

The Lettie Fouche School looks after approximately 70 severely mentally handicapped children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The families of these children can offer no financial support for their children and therefore the school relies purely on fundraising in order to take care of these children. The school offers foundation phase education, physio therapy, occupation therapy, social services, medical assistance and occupational training.

South Africa $R10,000

Grace College - Leap Initiative

Grace College's "Leap Initiative" assists learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend the college to receive a formal education.

South Africa $R8,000

Autism Centre – Eastern Cape  

Autism Eastern Cape provides information and support to families living with autism.

South Africa $R10,000

Kungwini Welfare                         

Our journey started in 1983 when we opened the Paul Jungnickel Home for adults with disabilities.  We have come a long way since then, and now provide a variety of services to the Pretoria East community.  We manage the Paul Jungnickel Home, the Kungwini Children's Home, the Kungwini Early Learning Centers as well as Community Development Projects and Social Work Services.

South Africa $R15,000

Imbewu  Community Volunteers                              

This organisation runs a sports development program for the underpriviledged, and their purpose is to initiate and coordinate sustainable participative projects. They work with the local communities in the Nelson mandela Metro Municipality areas to create conditions which enable children, youth and women to envision their future for equal opportunities, encouraging social empowerment and promoting responsible citizenship. The children are fed after sports every day as this is sometimes the only meal they have and they learn to participate in all social areas in their lives which helps prevent crime in the area as children become more responsible. The funds were used to purchase much needed equipment reuqired for the 2014 sports programme.

South Africa $R10,000

Vereeniging SPCA

Harcourts were the main sponsor of the recent Showjumping Championships of South Africa which sees hundreds of the country's top riders compete. In addition to each rider competing for the title, they were invited to Ride for a Cause and nominate a charity of their choice, with the winning rider to receive a R20 000 grant from the Foundation for this charity. Shaun Neill riding Clyde Z were the winners and their chosen charity, Vereeniging SPCA received the R20 000 donation. The first SPCA in South Africa was started approximately 125 years ago, and today there are 94 SPCAs throughout South Africa, ranging from very small in size to very large, and their mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals, by way of education, law enforcement, and pro-active and reactive activities.

South Africa $R20,000

Sozo Foundation

The Sozo Foundation creates a safe and healthy living environment for vulnerable families in the area. They also assist with rebuilding family relationships and building relationships within the community. Furthermore, they create employment through skills development and training. The donated money will be used to restore one home by repairing basics such as windows, flooring, painting, electricity, bedding, furniture and sanitation, while providing employment and skills training to unemployed young men of the community.

South Africa $R10,000

Sasonah Lodge Care Centre                                       

Sasonah Lodge is a care facility, accommodating patients with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or Parkinson's, or any person requiring frail or full-time care. Assisting its residents through understanding, wisdom, and support throughout the care-giving journey, their aim is to create a home away from home, striving to create dignity and independence as much as possible for their residents irrespective of race, colour or creed.

South Africa $R10,000

Walmer Community Development Forum           

The Walmer Community Development Forum is a feeding project for under-privileged children of crèches and after care centres.  Meals are also provided for the Walmer Aids orphan project, as well as for the elderley. The organisation believes in the principle of teaching or helping people to “fish” instead of just giving, and so ongoing support is provided and food / veggie gardens have been an on-going project. This particular grant was given to purchase Christmas gifts for the children they support. 

South Africa $R10,000

ACVV PE Suid                                                                    

One of seven branches in Port Elizabeth, ACVV PE Suid is a Family Care Organisation established by volunteers in 1927. This non-profit, non-discriminatory welfare organization provides and facilitates effective and efficient service delivery to the vulnerable groups of society, the poorest of the poor, the marginalized and the disadvantaged groups in the region. Services include counseling, workshops, community projects and functions, awareness campaigns, social work and family reunification, community outreach and helping through emergency relief care among many other services.

South Africa $R15,000