Grants Given in Australia

Round 26

April to June 2015

Cause Region Amount

Rural Health Tasmania Inc

Establish a new event 'Womens TRY-athlon & fun run/walk' with the aim to give women an achievable event to train for that is inclusive, encouraging, positive, non-threatening and fun. To support & foster inter-generational relationships between young & old in the community, improve health, form new and lasting sustainable habits which, in turn, have positive impacts on families. Funding will be used for running lead-up workshops, training sessions, motivational dinner and the event itself, to be held in November 2015.

Tasmania $7,000

Save the Children Australia

To fund recreational equipment to expand Save the Children's Juvenile Justice programme into Launceston. This program provides young people with unique learning opportunities to create motivation, challenge themselves, and develop skills to enhance their self-worth and confidence. The programs have been successful at breaking the cycle of offending by providing them with tools to be open to change, reconnect positively and link them to community stakeholders. This funding will be used to purchase recreational equipment for youth workers to use as incentive to build relationships and trust with those in the programs.

Tasmania $5,000

Pony Riding for the Disabled Association (trading as the McIntyre Centre)

This will provide funding for one additional horse/pony for our Centre and various equine-assisted programs. This one additional horse/pony will help towards maintaining the current demand of our therapeutic and community riding programs, as well as increase the range of horses that are available to suit the varying needs of our children with a disability - horse height, build, width of gait etc. During that period of time that one horse will impact greatly on the lives of so many children with a disability and deliver long-term positive changes that benefit everyone - parents, siblings, teachers and our community as a whole. McIntyre Centre's therapeutic horse-riding programs are able to meet these needs for 200+ young people with a disability each week.

Queensland $9,000

Eimeo Surf Life Saving Club Inc.

Eimeo Surf Life Saving Club is seeking to break the current Guinness World Record of the Largest Game of Beach Flags. The event will inspire and invigorate our existing young and senior members to continue within the movement and also serve to attract new members to the organisation. The current record is held by Japan with 400 competitors and we expect registration of up to 500 competitors between the ages of 5 and 69.

Queensland $5,000

Bellambi Surf Lifesaving Club

Bellambi Surf Life Saving Club is providing Surf Education Programs (Project 291) to one of the most socially disadvantaged suburbs in the Illawarra. All programs include important Surf Education and Water Safety messages that help save lives and provide a healthy and active learning experience. The Club provides a 5 day intensive program of surf awareness where kids receive vital Surf and Ride Education each School Holidays free to local kids. In addition to training in basic surf awareness the Club provides the participating children with a free BBQ daily. The aim of the program is to raise the general level of surf awareness and water safety in the Bellambi community and among refugee children who have also participated. It is also intended that the involvement with the Club and surf lifesaving encourage greater participation with the Club and its activities in the longer term.

New South Wales $5,000

Vision Australia

Vision Australia is the leading provider of blindness and low vision services across Australia, ensuring that those who live daily with blindness or low vision will have access to and can fully participate in every part of life they choose. Only 5% of the world's information is available in an alternate format to print and many of our clients can no longer read the standard print in these publications. Our Library Service not only supports people with blindness or low vision but also those who have a physical disability like arthritis that can inhibit them from turning the pages or simply holding a book. With over 45,000 titles available in a choice of large print, braille, audio or digital DAISY format, our clients can access information for a range of education and recreation purposes including newspapers, magazines, fiction and non-fiction. Library items are either delivered to people's homes or downloaded through the 3G DAISY Player, helping to reduce the risk of isolation, dependence on family and friends but most of all giving our clients control over their own reading experiences just as they would have had with full vision. The impact of losing one's sight, whether gradual or sudden can be the cause of serious health concerns such as isolation, depression and anxiety. This project helps to alleviate many of these feelings, creating a richer, more vibrant and inclusive community of people with blindness, low vision or a print disability as it enables clients to independently and confidently access information to continue participating in life regardless of their level of vision.

New South Wales $5,000

Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club

Sorrento SLSC was established in 1958, and their main priority is providing surf lifesaving and trauma first responder patrols along four kilometres of coast, ensuring the beach is a safe environment for the public. We also wish to build on the recent success we have had at the Australian Youth Championships, with our U15's team winning Silver (on a countback from Gold). Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) is an event which simulates a rescue and the patient being resuscitated after near drowning, and funds will be used to purchase a new reel which is the equipment used in the event. Although we have multiple adult reels we do not have one specifically designed and built for youth, which are smaller and lighter. The reel will also be multipurpose and used also by our Junior Marchpast teams.

Western Australia $3,500

HeartKids of SA

HeartKids of South Australia’s main aim is providing support, information and resources to children and young people who have Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and their families. It is a major killer of young Australian children under the age of one. South Australian hospitals do not provide paediatric heart surgery. Therefore, all families from South Australia and the Northern Territory are required to relocate to Melbourne with their critically ill child for life- giving heart surgery, sometimes with just a few hours’ notice. Relocation to Melbourne can be anywhere from a two week period up to many months at a time or, if the child undergoes a heart transplant, up to a year. This places incredible emotional and financial strain on our families. Funding requested for this project will support four families for travel, accommodation and meals as they navigate their way through their child's heart issues.

South Australia $4,000