Grants Given in Australia

Round 42

April to June 2019

Cause Region Amount

Cancer Council Tasmania

The program is designed for people affected by cancer. This will mainly be individuals who have a diagnosis themselves, sometimes they will be accompanied by their carer. Mindfulness is widely researched and acknowledged as having proven benefits for people by reducing stress responses and increasing immune function. People attending the program will be given information and taught skills to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives, giving them the potential to better manage the stressful times they will likely suffer during their cancer experience. Groups will be conducted at the CCT in our Support Centres and will accommodate up to 15 people per group. We will run four programs within the four month time frame from July 1 2019. Therefore the potential number of people to benefit from attendance of this program is 60.

Tasmania $4,092

Meals on Wheels Association of Tasmania

Meals on Wheels in Tasmania delivers in Southern Tasmania, the North West Coast and East Coast of Tasmania. The contract for the Launceston region and North West Coast is held by another provider. Within our region, Meals on Wheels has just under 1,000 clients who receive approximately 200,000 meals per year, delivered by a pool of 1,200 volunteers across 26 branches. The people who will benefit from this grant will be the meal recipient, and of course, Meals on Wheels, who will finally be able to replace eskis that have passed their lifespan. We also now purchase eskis with wheels on them, to enable our volunteers to easily wheel them until they need to be lifted into their vehicles.

Tasmania $8,000

The Scout Association of Australia Tasmanian Branch (St Helens Scout Group)

Scouting's primary purpose is to contribute to the education of young people through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Scout Law, and to help build a world where young people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. The St Helens Scout Group is about more than just healthy and fun activities such as sailing, bush walking, camping, abseiling, etc. The weekly meetings also focus on the Scout Award Scheme which is designed to develop community participation, self sufficiency, life skills, and very often, life long friendships. This Break O' Day municipality, deemed as a lower socio-economic and rural region, needs programs like Scouts to guide and enrich the young people who live in this area. The projects for which funding is sought include the completion of our ablution and toilet facilities at the Scout Hall which are in dire need of replacement. Also the commencement of construction of a carport structure that will provide shade as well as storage for boats and trailers.

Tasmania $4,000

Huonville Men's Shed

The Huonville Mens Shed's goals are to help prevent and control depression and anxiety disorders such as PTSD and other areas of mental health in the broader community by offering activities such as traditional woodworking and metal working. Our shed has been well-funded through the construction phase, and require a grant to fund a First Aid course through St John Ambulance for 50% of our members, as the Shed can be a dangerous place.

Tasmania $4,650

Topology Inc.

Topology’s grassroots beginning in 1997 sprang from the members wanting music that combined intellectual curiosity with communicative, inviting connection and emotional depth. A buzz soon developed, strong community support followed, and a repertoire came to life. 21 years later, after hundreds of concerts and 15 albums, Topology has grown into a key arts organisation, Artist-in-Residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse for 18 years, and a highly influential presence on the Australian music landscape. Topology is proposing a collaboration with the Bundaberg Regional Council and key stakeholders to produce and deliver a range of creative resources, includding short films, composition and song-writing workshops, Small Town Creative Bootcamps, community performances, and a final community concert to showcase the outcomes, to be held in a Bundaberg BDM community space. The expected participation in the workshops is 150-180 members of the local community. This includes students and youth from the wider community and from the indigenous sector. Local experienced musicians, filmmakers and songwriters will also be a part of the collaborative project.

Queensland $5,000

Help Enterprises Ltd

HELP Enterprises Limited (HELP) was established in Brisbane in 1968 to work with people with disability and disadvantaged individuals to live their best life, and offers a range of and disability support services and social enterprises. HELP McIntyre Centre is a valued service of HELP offering equine-assisted therapy and recreation programs to improve the physical, social and mental health of children with a disability. Equine-assisted therapy is a great physical activity for people with disability, aiding in building stronger muscles, better balance and co-ordination along with positive development in fine and gross motor skills. The Special Schools Program has previously been funded by State Government, but with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and State Government funding ceasing on 30th June 2019, many families can no longer afford for their children with disability to attend the Special Schools Riding Program at McIntyre Centre. This equine-assisted therapy has been an ongoing important part of their child’s school program, supporting physical, social and educational development improvements in the children attending. McIntyre Centre is in urgent need of funding to support the ongoing Special Schools Program to ensure students with disability continue to attend and benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy. This grant will ensure one school will be able to return to McIntyre for two full terms of equine-assisted therapy.

Queensland $4,920

Pat Cronin Public Fund (Pat Cronin Foundation)

In April 2016, 19 year old Pat Cronin went out to a local bar for a quiet night and was punched from behind whilst assisting a mate, and died in hospital two days later. The Pat Cronin Foundation works to prevent coward punch attacks through Awareness, Education and Research. In 2019 we aim to provide our Be Wise Awareness Presentations to increasing numbers of sporting clubs and community groups throughout Melbourne, with the aim to have at least another 30 reached by October 2019. Our previous work has shown that there is demand for our presentations, but many sporting clubs and community groups do not have the budget to cover our costs. As a charity we can only provide a limited number of presentations at our cost as our income annually covers our outgoings and staff costs. In this project, we aim to partner with each of the 17 Harcourts Offices in Melbourne for their staff to nominate a club/community group in their area to receive one of our Be Wise Awareness Presentations. The clubs/groups nominated will be able to provide their members with one of our presentations bringing our message of non-violence, and engage them to change their attitudes making their clubs safer. Finally the Pat Cronin Foundation can meet our aims of carrying our message to more young people, extend our reach into new communities, and potentially engage further groups through positive word of mouth. Our previous work shows that our presentations in clubs and groups are attended by anywhere between 50 to 150 young people aged 15-25 (and parents), and a grant of $8,500 will fund 17 presentations to expand our message to and change the attitudes of approximately 1700-3400 people.

Victoria $8,500

Operation Flinders Foundation Inc.

Operation Flinders' outback intervention program provides young men and women who have been identified as being ‘at-risk’, with demanding outdoor challenges and ongoing support, to help them develop their personal values of self-esteem, motivation, leadership, teamwork and responsibility, so they may grow as valued members of the community. In excess of 8,000 young people have participated since the programs’ inception in 1991. An intense physical, emotional and psychological challenge, it gives participants the chance to expand their view of the world to a point where they ‘see’ other people virtually for the first time and they realise the world has far to offer them than they ever thought. Operation Flinders provides a window through which to see what might be possible for these young people, and can be the key to opening up their imagination. The Victor Harbor High School has nominated to send 10 students (plus two school staff) to attend the Operation Flinders program in August 2019. A grant of $4,950 will fund three young people to participate in the program.

South Australia $4,950

Technology for Ageing & Disability SA Inc.

Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) Inc (TADSA) is a volunteer based organisation that designs, makes and modifies equipment that is not commercially available for people living with disabilities and those who are ageing, helping to improve their independence, dignity and quality of life. Each year 47 Technical Volunteer Members (operating out of their own back yard sheds) - supported by 2 part time staff - design, make or modify over 250 items of equipment (e.g. refuelling lever – severe arthritis, chair raisers, height adjustable clotheslines, wheelchair gangplanks, mouth sticks for people who cannot use their limbs, metered drinking aid for MND sufferers, modified child’s cot for mother in wheelchair, modify walkers for people who have had a stroke, etc.). From June 30th TADSA will no longer receive funding from the Government and instead rely heavily on philanthropy and goodwill. We have developed a workflow system leveraging our Technical Volunteers' creativity and management capacity to meet demand while keeping our infrastructure and overheads lightweight and sustainable, with the organisational administration taking place at our small and humble office in Blacks Road, Gilles Plains, leased from the Royal Society of the Blind at an annual cost of $3954.81+GST. The grant will provide funds to pay the office rental for 6 months.

South Australia $1,977

Treasure your Chest Chix Inc.

The Treasure Your Chest committee supports the local Breast CareNurses and the Oncology Dept at the West Gippsland Hospital through large financial donations to purchase medical equipment as well as smaller items such as wigs and wig care products. We also aim to increase awareness of Breast Cancer in our community. The grant of $5,000 will be used to support our annual major fundraiser, A Girls Day Out, which brings more than 700 women in our community together for a fun afternoon of entertainment as well as awareness of Breast Cancer and what our Breast Care Nurses do for our community women. Grants are vital so that we can keep ticket prices down and remain accessible to everyone in our community. Harcourts Warragul won the Harcourts Foundation National Award for Outstanding Contribution for 2019, which allowed them to choose a qualified charity to receive a $5,000 grant.

Australia $0