Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 1

January to March 2009

Cause Region Amount

Te Kohanga Reo & Tu Roa

To purchase new teaching and learning materials including 2 freestanding whiteboards, 20 chairs and 5 tables.

Wellington $500.00

Billy Graham Naenae Charitable Trust

We require a shed to hold gear safely, includes chairs, table tennis tables and equipment. Also need assistance with registration costs for 62% of families who can't pay.

Wellington $1,500.00

Paraparaumu Volunteer Fire Brigade

To install smoke alarms in properties where the resident owner cannot afford the cost of an alarm.

Wellington $1,500.00

Life to the Max

Funding to run the holiday programme and events; mostly sporting activities, mini golf, eeling & fishing, canoes and food.

Wellington $1,000.00

Ngahina Kindergarten

Funds to replace outdoor playground safety matting. The current surface is deteriorating and a recent report has shown that it does not meet the Ministry of Education standards.

Wellington $500.00

Branston Intermediate School

We have a computer suite that is used with our school and our client schools. The 18 computers need to be upgraded as they are starting to break down and cost us a lot of money to repair.

Christchurch $5,000.00

Halswell Scout Group

Funds for a mobile catering trailer mainly to be used for scout group camps in remote areas which have limited or no facilities. Trailer will be available for use by other local organisations including Civil Defence.

Christchurch $5,000.00

Victoria Bushfires

Funds to aid the fight against the bushfires in Victoria.

Disaster Appeal $13,984.00