Grants Given in Australia

Round 10

April to June 2011

Cause Region Amount

Northern Occupational Support Services

Funds to design and paint a large outdoor mural (approx size 1.25mx10m) by people with a disability. The mural will be erected on the NOSS office site at 49 York Street. A local artist will co-ordinate the project. The mural will be visible for the extensive pedestrian traffic along Vincent Street.

Tasmania $880

St Michaels Association Inc

Implement a community garden programme comprising 12 raised community garden beds for 21 residents living in the newly created independent living units at St Michaels. This programme will greatly support the independence of the residents through self-sustainability and independence skills incorporating cooperation, bed preparation, crop planting, ongoing nurturing, harvesting, food preparation and recycling.

Tasmania $9,867

Ningana Nursing Home (Uniting Aged Care)

Assist to implement a sensory program for the dementia patients at the Ningana Nursing Home. Sensory programs provide one on one attention for patients, with a variety of toys and activities to help assist them in calming and settling. Part of the budget for this program will relate to additional staff who will assist in establishing the sensory program.

Tasmania $3,500

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Host an evening dance event in Hobart during October to promote breast cancer awareness in the State.

Tasmania $1,500

Jake's Gift

Jake's Gift supplies newly bereaved parents with a hand-decorated storage storage container called a Memory Keeper.

Queensland $5,000

Cystic Fibrosis Victoria

Funds raised via Harcourts Melbourne to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

National $53,668

Premier's Disaster Relief Fund

$17,707 Funds raised via Harcourts Melbourne to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge to benefit the victims of the Queensland 2011 Floods.

National $17,707