Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 15

July to September 2012

Cause Region Amount

Estuary Arts Charitable

A local artist will work with our young people to design and develop a sculpture for our outdoor garden.

Northern $2,450.00

Woodstock Primary School

To purchase stage and hall curtains as part of our maintenance plans for our hall, used by the community as well.

Central $2,500.00

Pasifika X-Quest

Funding for venue and equipment hire for our X-Quest show. Students will perform to gain NZQA English and Dance credits.

Central $1,759.00

Kiwi Community Assistance

To purchase re-useable produce bins for fruit and vegetables. There are used in our food parcels for those in need.

Wellington $1,080.36

Hastings Alzheimers Society

To renovate our recently purchased property, we will be knocking down walls, installing ramps and updating the shower and toilet.

Wellington $3,000.00

Isleworth School

To purchase four iPod Touch devices to be used in the classroom for anytime, anyplace learning.

Christchurch $1,000.00

Kaiapoi District Historical Society

To purchase a banner to have at public events.

Christchurch $600.00

Rangiora and Districts Early Records Society Inc.

To purchase a database software system so the public can effectively access our extensive collection.

Christchurch $3,500.00

Children’s Acute Assessment Unit

Children often spend many hours in our unit, we need to replace the DVD Players and wall brackets to continue to provide entertainment for the children and their families.

Christchurch $1,740.00