Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 17

January to March 2013

Cause Region Amount

Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust [Free FM]

Towards the purchase of a FREE FM vehicle to be used for community outreach initiatives. We are planning to extend our outreach to the rural towns within the Waikato region and need a vehicle to do so.

Central $4,500.00

Perry Outdoor Education Trust

To subsidise 10 students from each of our 8 schools for camps from August 2013 to July 2014. There are always a handful of children whose families are unable to contribute anything towards school camps and these are the students we would like to be able to help further to ensure they don't miss out altogether.

Central $4,000.00

Whitiora School

Towards a new playground, as we currently do not have one. We believe it will have numerous benefits to the students and the community who will have access after school hours.

Central $2,500.00

Moanataiari School

To purchase specialist teaching tables that the children can write on directly. This helps the children to stay on focus and the teacher to see exactly what is happening.

Central $2,000.00

Thames Early Childhood Education Centre

To purchase some sliding doors for our centre to meet safety requirements, as we have just updated our playground.

Central $2,000.00

William Colenso College

Currently we have 6-man and 12-man waka ama racing but have found difficulty getting access to single waka. We are seeking assistance to allow us to purchase a single waka to allow the students the opportunity to learn this discipline.

Wellington - Hawke's Bay $2,850.00

Belfast School

To purchase a lockup laptop storage unit for our laptops.

Christchurch $1,376.00

Amberley School

To purchase a permanent shelter outside which has been a high priority for several years. It would be used to extend classroom activities in all seasons, as well as a place for students to eat lunch under.

Christchurch $2,350.00