Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 18

April to June 2013

Cause Region Amount

Guardian Angels Charitable Trust

Warehouse Vouchers to be distributed to paediatric palliative care children and their families. The vouchers would be used for the many "incidentals" that occur when a child becomes palliative. This can be things such as the purchase of curtains, bedding, clothing etc.

Northern $2,000.00

The Salvation Army Waitakere

The replacement of our truck which is utilised 5 days a week for picking up bulk food for the food bank, and picking up donated goods such as furniture for our Family Store.

Northern $10,000.00

Great Potentials Foundation

The purchase of three new laptops for the Papakura Family Service Centre. These are required so that staff at the centre can continue to do their work efficiently.

Northern $4,800.00

Volunteer Bay of Plenty

We want to increase the print distribution of our bi-monthly newsletter to raise the profile of our volunteer centre.

Central $576.00

The Parkinson Society Tauranga Incorporated

Parkinsons NZ National database for all members is being rolled out and staff need laptops to access and maintain information while out in the field.

Central $2,000.00

Waikato Family Centre

To remove two large trees from the property and replace with small shrubs.

Central $2,000.00

Epilepsy Waikato Charitable Trust

An up to date book aimed at children and families affected by epilepsy. Funding request is to pay the author as well as the printing costs.

Central $2,000.00

Tamahere Model Country School

To purchase a Portable Sound System. Speakers and microphones will be used by the community centre and all events held at the school.

Central $4,500.00

Waikato Medical Research Foundation

Each year we produce an annual report, we are needing funding to help with the production of our 2013 annual report.

Central $4,000.00

Anglican Action

Cross Rose is a residential programme run for women and their children under 13. These women come from domestic situations shaped by violence, abuse or addiction. Their stay is for about 6 months during which they participate in programmes that include parenting skills and child therapy. We are currently at full capacity and need dining furniture to seat all our women and children.

Central $1,500.00

Huntly Lions Club Incorporated

We propose to construct and position a poppet head as a memorial to the 43 men who lost their lives in the Ralph Mine Disaster, Sept. 1914. The timing of this project is set to coincide with the 100th anniversary of this event.

Central $1,000.00

Parkinsonism Society of Hawke's Bay Incorporated

To purchase a Portable Sound System which will be used at educational seminars, exercise classes and support group meetings. Also as Parkinson's is an age related condition a lot of our members wear hearing aids, we therefore need a system that does not interfere with them.

Wellington $1,600.00

New Zealand Spinal Trust

Connecting People Gardening Group. Gardens have long been used in rehabilitation facilities around the world to aid in the physical recovery of patients also as a psychological healing tool. The rebuilding of our garden will provide valuable therapy under the guidance of experienced staff. We need funding for the equipment needed to do this.

Christchurch $5,000.00

Canterbury Playcentre Association

The purchase of a 'Playcentre branded' gazebo.

Christchurch $3,000.00

Parklands Playcentre

To purchase a laminator with sleeves for making durable signs, less prone to fading and can be displayed around the centre. In addition to this we are a bi-lingual organisation and wish to make bi-lingual labels.

Christchurch $2,000.00

Volunteer Army Foundation

Web-based suite of volunteering tools to encourage people to engage in volunteer events. Funding we are seeking will enable us to purchase the subscriptions we require to develop the online tools, and therefore offer them to the community free.

Christchurch $1,000.00

Sefton School

We would like to have a sports uniform for our students, complete with the school's name and logo. These would be available for all children representing the school at sporting events. Specifically requiring tee-shirts and tracksuits.

Christchurch $1,000.00

The Parenting Place

We are requesting funding for a research project. To achieve this we would like to contract Learning Media, an organisation that develops curriculum material for NZ schools, to run a three month research project (inquiry phase) with students, teachers, parents and education experts. We believe this will ensure we produce resources that are unique, effective, engaging, evidence informed and user-friendly.

National $31,850.00

Make-A-Wish Foundation of NZ Trust

Michael is a 6 year old boy who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. His wish to our foundation was to have his very own playhouse at home with a water slide and stairs.

National $5,094.65