Grants Given in Australia

Round 4

October to December 2009

Cause Region Amount


This grant enabled the purchase of new, suitable and permanent dining tables for the Youngcare Apartments Sinnamon Park, which is now home to 16 residents with 24/7 care needs.

Queensland $11,286


Funds to assist Jessica Dunne, who was struck down with menningococcal 1 year ago to come home from hospital and live at home, via funding of necessary renovations. Her mum Karen, was working full time in Real Estate up until Jessica became sick.

Queensland $9,000

Make a Wish Australia - Adelaide

Funds to assist in granting cherished wishes to children under the age of 18 years who suffer from a life threatening medical condition.

South Australia $1,000

Cancer Council SA - Gawler Relay for Life

Relay for Life event - cost of venue, sound system & stage etc. Cancer Council uses raised monies to decrease the impact of Cancer throughout SA, through research, prevention, education, information and support.

South Australia $2,000

Variety - The Childrens Charity

The annual Variety Children's Christmas Party is the key 'gift' event of our organsiation. It is the culmination of everything Variety and its many volunteer fundraisers strive to achieve for children in need each year. For many children, this event represents on of the few occasions during the year in wihch they can fully participate as an active member of the community.

South Australia $6,000

Diabetes Counselling online

To fund web- based counselling and support to people with diabetes and their families, addressing connection between diabetes, mental health and wellbeing.

South Australia $1,000

Autism Association of South Australia

Due to an increase in the maximum age of their recipients, resulting in Autism SA seeing more children for longer periods of time, they required new age and development-appropriate toys and equipment for the early development program (EDP).

South Australia $2,000

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation

Chronic inflammation underpins a broad range of diseases, and CIDR - The Chronic Inflammation in Disease Research group - are bringing together researchers from several disciplines to conduct further research. The CIDR project requires a very essential piece of equipment - a Tissue Culture Incubater.

South Australia $1,000

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Provide funding for 2 schools to implement "Better Buddies". The central goal of the "BETTER BUDDIES Framework" is to create friendly and caring school communities with a reduction of bullying and other negative behaviour. This is the only program in Australia which offers support for primary schools to introduce a buddy system. Older children team up with younger children and learn the Better Buddies values such as caring for others, friendliness, respect, empathy, responsibility, including others and valuing differences through formal and informal weekly activities. Better Buddies enables younger children to feel safe and cared for, while olderstudents feel valued and respected. Better Buddies has been tested in over 700 schools in Australia. The incidence of bullying is reduced by 40% in Better Buddies schools.

Victoria $3,250

The Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation NO:2 Trust

"This project uses the arts as a highly effective way of engaging children, young people and their communities. The Festival's approach provides a creative and positive means of exploring issues which impact on young peoples' mental health and wellbeing and has been particularly valuable in rural communities affected by natural disasters. Funds were used to develop and distribute a DVD and ONLINE recourses to assist artists, teachers and health professionals within schools and communities who are committed to promoting mental health for children and young people throughout Victoria. It is expected 800-1000 young people will benefit in the first year of these resources being developed, through enhanced understanding & skills."

Victoria $11,875

SidKids NSW

A seminar for families in the Illawarra region who have experience the death of a child 0-6, from any cause. It is hoped through the provision of a Seminar during the day, and held in the central South Coast town of Kiama, that families from across the ILlawarra Region will be able to attend and gain information on the imprortance of bereavement support and Infant Safe Sleeping.

New South Wales $1,222