Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 4

October to December 2009

Cause Region Amount

North Shore Hospice Trust

To help support costs of OSH requirements by replenishing 25 Hospice First Aid boxes.

Northern $2,000.00

St John's College Preschool

Funds to go towards building a new sandpit.

Northern $1,437.50

St Andrew’s Village

In order to further enhance the physical wellbeing of each resident in their last days, staff wish to be able to provide them with 2 specially designed undulating air pressure mattresses. Operated by a motorised pump system, these special mattresses add comfort by relieving pressure under the body, reduce the risk of pressure sores & eliminate the need for 2 hour turning thus allowing undisturbed sleep/rest.

Northern $2,396.00

Mercy Hospice Auckland

We require a commode that is built to manage exceptionally heavy use and will assist our nurses with the transportation of large & heavy patients whilst showering & toileting.

Northern $3,598.00

Ronald McDonald House Wellington Trust

Funds to go towards the construction and fit-out of the ‘Horowhenua Room.’

Wellington $1,000.00

Kopane School

Funds towards new gumboots to allow students to work in the school garden in all conditions.

Wellington $500.00


Funds towards purchasing a new vehicle which will be used to distribute food to the needy.

Wellington $500.00

Porirua Citizens Advice Bureau Incorporated

Funds to upgrade computers for a new online system to be used by our 40 volunteers.

Wellington $500.00

Upper Hutt Foodbank Incorporated

Funding to be used to purchase perishable food items for the Foodbank to put in emergency parcels.

Wellington $500.00

Waikuku Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

Funds to be used to train young people to become lifeguards for the community.

Christchurch $1,429.00