Grants Given in Australia

Round 8

October to December 2010

Cause Region Amount

New Mornings

Funds to provide accessible education & support for members of the Devonport community in the area of Grief and Loss by way of high quality community seminar and two follow-up support groups.

Tasmania $3,000

George Town Scout Group (The Scout Association Of Australia Tasmanian Branch)

Granted to replace all their stolen camping gear.

Tasmania $3,000


Funds to assist children diagnosed with major illnesses and cover the costs of necessary equipment for their quality of life.

Queensland $8,800

Australian Aphasia Association

A grant to reprint the AAA's "Aphasia Guide"- a 104 page information booklet about aphasia. The Guide is written in clear, aphasia friendly language and is suitable for people with aphasia, family members, carers, and health professionals. The booklet is designed a sa source of information for when patients and family members are initially confronted with aphasia. As well as providing information about aphasia, the guide provides information and strategies to promote effective long-term communication.

Queensland $6,259

Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

Starlight Wish Granting - a chance for a child and the whole family to escape the everyday worries of the child's sickness.

South Australia $1,130

Arthritis South Australia

Funds for "The Gout Project" enabled more than 130 people in SA to learn about gout and its treatment. Arthritis SA held a seminar with a rheumatologist as a keynote speaker along with athritis experts.

South Australia $1,300

Meals on Wheels - Western

Purchase of a new Freezer to help store meals and vegetables.

South Australia $1,130

The Mary Potter Foundation

The Foundation produces Treasure Boxes, which provide parents, grandparents, friends, counsellors and palliative staff with a tangible and helpful process to help children express their loss in way that supports and acknowledges their feelings, thoughts and memories.

South Australia $1,130

Meals on Wheels - Woodville

To purchase and install rain water tanks and plumb them to their toilets and laundry - saves water and helps environment.

South Australia $1,130

Childhood Cancer Association Inc.

This association entered a team in the Mutual Community Challenge Tour - part of the Santor Tour Down Under, to raise money to support the services delievered by the organisation. Three Harcourts SA team members participated in this ride.

South Australia $2,000

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation

Funds to support Play Therapy. Play Therapists use portable DVD players, movies and DS games to reduce stress on patients and create a fun distraction. The patients relax, and this allows the medical team to supply needs in a calmer environment.

South Australia $2,000

Stride Foundation Limited

To deliver their Peer Support program to 300 students at Drouin Secondary College, Victoria. The peer support program is based on the principle that people absorb information and values from each other which can be either valuable or harmful. If Peer Support is used to transmit sound ideas, it can be a useful educational tool. The PSP is designed to provide support between groups of junior students and trained senior leaders. By applying the student - help-student principle, it taps the energies of the most valuable resource a school has - the students. IT empowers young people - growing in confidence and responsibility.

Victoria $4,760

Ballarat North Salvation Army (The Salvation Army Victoria Property Trust)

To facilitate two six week worskhops for people living with dementia. Previous workshops have shown very postiive results, including improved coordination, intellectual and emotional stimulation from being involved in an art workshop. The art exhibition is then displayed at Ballarat Library to raise awareness of Dementia and to celebrate the artwork achieved.

Victoria $3,320

Premier's Disaster Relief Fund (Queensland Floods)

Donations from Harcourts staff nationwide to victims of the Queensland Floods in January 2011.

National $27,079