Grants Given in New Zealand

Round 8

October to December 2010

Cause Region Amount

Hamilton Group Riding for the Disabled

Funds to purchase equipment for the horses including a harness, covers, bridle and other related items.

Central $1,000.00

Autism NZ – Waikato

Funds to go towards early intervention programme costs. These are provided 3 times a week to families to teach them how to implement change.

Central $3,000.00

Te Puru School

Funding to purchase 30 novels of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank.’

Central $500.00

Hospice Wanganui

Funding to purchase additional equipment for patients. This includes an electric bed, a lifting pole and a lightweight wheelchair.

Wellington $1,000.00

Autism Spectrum Intervention Support Trust

Funding to go towards paying four therapists.

Christchurch $1,000.00

Belfast Primary School

Funds to purchase two 8-way headsets to assist children to make progress with their reading.

Christchurch $1,700.00

Rangiora & Districts Early Records Society Inc.

Funds to purchase an A3 scanner which will provide the ability to scan large photographs and maps.

Christchurch $399.00

Delta Community Support Trust

To install computer cabling throughout our office where all our staff and activities operate from. This will allow 10 computers to run which will improve efficiency and security.

Christchurch $2,142.00