Grants Given in Australia

Round 9

January to March 2011

Cause Region Amount

JDRF - North Queensland JDRF Ball Committee

Sponsorship for the JDRF Townsville Charity Gala Ball, their primary fundraiser for the year, with all monies raised used for research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes through the Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) .

Queensland $15,000

The Ladder Project

The Harcourts Step in 2 Life Project to assist 23 young South Australians facing homelessness by providing innovative and tailored development opportunities, guidance and support for a period of 2 weeks. The project aims to develop interpersonal, social, work-based and other essential life skills that provide sustainable pathways to independence. By bridging the gap to independence, the project aims to enable young people affected by homelessness to 'build and thrive' rather than just 'survive and cope'. Through the right support and opportunities, these young people can attain the relevant qualifications, experience and skills, enabling them to fulfil their true potential and break the cycle of homelessness for themselves.

South Australia $2,393

Craoniofacial Foundation Australia

To provide research, education and treatment for people who have craniofacial abnormalities. Short term goals include raising $20k for the supply of nylon skull models of patients requiring craniofacial surgery. This donation assisted a 'Royal Wedding' themed high tea fundraising event.

South Australia $200

The Reach Foundation

Fused Workshops Burwood and Frankston - The workshops are specifically designed to assist 13-18 year olds in and around both Burwood and Frankston (including the Mornington Peninsula), gain relevant peer support, confidence and prevent, in a practical way, potential mental health issues that may develop as a result of teenage anxiety and/or social isolation. These workshops are 2 hours in the evenings for 5 consecutive weeks in both locations.

Victoria $12,174

Diabetes Australia - VIC

The diabetes kids' camps program is supported by Diabetes Australia - VIC, and provides five camps throughout the year for children aged 4- 17 years. Our camps aim to promote independence through adventure with a wide range of activities and create and opportunity to share experiences in a fun and relaxed environment. All camps are staffed by trained health professionals and volunteers. These funds directly enabled 28 children to participate.

Victoria $22,400

Ear Science Institute

Ear Science Institute Australia (ESIA) is a clinical and research institute dedicated to treating and finding better treatments and cures through research for hearing loss, ear disease and balance disorders. The immediate short term goal is to complete the dedicated research facility at Subiaco & a purpose built house for technicians etc.

Western Australia $10,000

Red Cross AUS - Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

Harcourts Australian staff fundraiser for victims of the 2011 Christchurch New Zealand Earthquakes.

National $5,864