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New Zealand

Harcourts launched Harcourts Foundation in 2008.

Our promise is simple; to provide support that helps grow and enrich our communities. With 100% of the funds raised going straight to the charities who need it most, we’ve been able to provide grants to support local charities throughout New Zealand. We’re incredibly proud of the work the Harcourts Foundation and its many supporters are doing to help to change lives and make dreams come true.

Through the Harcourts Foundation we support the Hospice NZ Grants Programme; which provides all member hospices with the opportunity to purchase much needed equipment.

Every donation to the grants fund, directly supports Hospices from the far north to the deep south to continue their work, enabling people to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

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Please follow us to see all the positive work we are doing in our communities

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Please read our application criteria to see if your organisation is eligible for a grant.
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We've granted millions of dollars across thousands of community group applicants.

Recent Grant Recipients

Round 53 Grant Recipients

Organisation Region Franchise Grant Amount (Excl GST)
Hibiscus Coast Community Patrol Northern Tandem Realty Ltd $1,893.04
Snells Beach Kindergarten Northern Tandem Realty Ltd $5,000.00
Youth in Transition Charitable Trust Northern Tandem Realty Ltd $4,765.00
Bright Foundation Northern Blue Fern Realty Ltd $1,860.00
Sail Northland Charitable Trust Northern Optimize Realty Ltd $2,000.00
Katikati Community Toy Library Central Streets Ahead Realty Limited $1,136.74
True Colours Children’s Health Trust Central Monarch Commercial Limited $1,255.00
Te Whakaruruhau 2013 Incorporated Central Monarch Real Estate Ltd $2,969.97
Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust Central Monarch Real Estate Ltd $979.13
Evolve Peer Support Central Monarch Real Estate Ltd $1,708.56
Waikato Community Hospice Trust Central Monarch Real Estate Ltd $2,774.00
Mathematics for a Lifetime Central Blue Ribbon Realty $3,300.00
SANZ Camp Gow Committee Central Kevin Deane Real Estate Ltd $822.00
Whangamata Playcentre Central Paradise Coast Realty Limited $1,210.00
Turua School Central Gold Star Real Estate Ltd $4,000.00
Good Neighbour Aotearoa Trust Central Advantage Realty Ltd $2,729.52
Heretaunga women’s Centre Wellington Regent Realty $1,500.00
Napier Family Centre Incorporated Wellington Regent Realty $900.00
Greta valley school Christchurch Four Seasons Realty $2,000.00
The Chris Ruth Centre-Kaiapoi Christchurch Four Seasons Realty $2,000.00
Loburn School Christchurch Four Seasons Realty $1,300.00
St Marks Christchurch Marlborough Real Estate 2008 Ltd $10,000.00
Lower Waitaki Playcentre South Island Blackham & Co $1,000.00
 Total $57,102.96

Eligibility & Round Dates

What is the current focus?

We have a clear focus on providing grants to reputable community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. We will prioritise applications that demonstrate that their grant will have the widest community impact.

As we develop over time, our focus may change to reflect the focus and interests of those contributing to and guiding the Harcourts Foundation.

How the foundation works?

Harcourts New Zealand team members donate a percentage of their commission from the sale of properties and these funds are administered by the Harcourts Foundation. Every dollar donated goes into communities where they’re needed.

The contributing offices know their local communities best and decide which charities, groups or projects they wish to support in their area. Examples include local schools, surf lifesaving clubs, Riding for the Disabled, Hospice and other small charities which struggle to find funding.

What are the application guidelines?

  • You need to be either a registered charity, school or have IRD Donee Status to receive a grant.
  • Grant applications must be for a specific project, item, or initiative.
  • Requests for the project, item or initiative must be scheduled to occur within six months of receiving the grant.
  • Grants will not be given for items already purchased or initiatives/projects already held.
  • If the grant is not used for the purpose for which it was applied, the funds MUST be returned so we can provide the
    grant to another group elsewhere.
  • If you are a branch of an organisation or charity where another branch has been successful in achieving a grant from us in the past:
    • this does not mean you automatically qualify for a grant; and
    • each application will be considered independently based on funds available and circumstances at the time.
  • Please attach a quote with your grant application which matches the dollar amount you are requesting. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications without a quote.

What are our Primary Objectives?

  • The advancement of social and community welfare in New Zealand
  • The relief of poverty in New Zealand
  • The care, support and protection of the aged, children, and young people and people with disability in New Zealand
  • The promotion of community development to enhance social and economic participation in New Zealand
  • The promotion and fostering of art and culture in New Zealand
  • The promotion of education in New Zealand including the establishment and support of schools, universities and other educational establishments
  • The provision of facilities for the education of pupils of schools, universities or other education establishments

What is excluded?

Please do not submit funding requests for:

  • Individual needs – such as salaries and wages. Our focus is on supporting as many people as possible within our communities.
  • Administrative or operational costs.
  • Overseas or other travel costs.
  • Religious, political, or hobby causes or activities.
  • Marketing/advertising (i.e. printing, clothing).
  • Catering

The purpose for which the funds are sought doesn’t fit into the Foundation’s objectives.

As a Foundation, we look forward to growing the contributions we make to our communities. We look forward to funding as many applicants as possible, however, please understand if we are unable to support your particular request.

What are the current round dates?

  • We are now in Round 54 (12th April – 4th July)
  • All applications must be received before 11.59 pm on the 4th July 2022
  • Any applications received on the 5th July will be considered in the following round (Round 55)
  • Decisions are due to be made by 3 weeks after the round closes.

Application Rounds 2021-2022

  • Round 55 (5th July – 11th October)
  • Round 56 (12th October – January)


For further information please contact:


We have been made aware of people, via facebook messenger, impersonating The Harcourts Foundation, friends or relatives, or other public figures, to solicit people to apply for a “grant” through the payment of an “application fee”.

Please note: the ONLY way to apply for a grant is through our website and we will NEVER ask for an application fee or any kind of payment to apply for a grant. Please forward any suspicious communications to the ACCC’s Scam Watch and to information@harcourtsfoundation.org. If you or someone you know has transferred funds to any parties falsely representing The Harcourts Foundation, please contact your local police.