Monarch Real Estate lead the way, charitably

By Jade Hawkins on June 27, 2018

Monarch Real Estate Ltd have been leading the charitable charge by donating to three local charitable trusts through the Harcourts Foundation.

Parentline, Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre and the Riverlea Theatre Trust are the deserving benefactors of the funds, which have been made available via the hardworking team at Harcourts Monarch Real Estate.

Parentline offers individual and group counselling, therapy and social work services to children aged between 0 – 13 years who have been traumatised by abuse and domestic violence.

With the donation, they are now able to purchase new air conditioning units for the comfort of both clients and staff thanks to a $8860 donation. Parentline said, this will help ensure their centre remains a warm comfortable place providing support to children who through no fault of their own have experienced trauma and abuse.

The Counsellors at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre offer free confidential counselling service for women, adolescents and, when appropriate, couples.

Thanks to the donation of $695, the Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre are now able to purchase a new meeting room table to hold our meetings and to host visitors and group sessions. This helps the sustainability of the service and provides a much needed safe, comfortable and friendly service to women and families.

Riverlea Theatre and Arts Centre Inc. is a vibrant community theatre venue with the purpose of fostering the development of and training in the performing arts in Hamilton.

Theatre technical equipment is used during the number of performing arts productions held at the venue. The donation of $4500 will be used to purchase new LED lighting fixtures for the theatre lighting portfolio. The Riverlea Theatre and Arts Centre told the Harcourts Foundation that their goals are to maintain and develop the performing arts programmes currently run by the theatre to continue achieving our organisation purpose, and to maintain the facility and technical equipment including introducing new technology will ensure the sustainability of the facility and programmes.

Monarch Real Estate Ltd business owner Brian King said, “the work these three charities do for our local community is hugely impactful on many different levels. We are delighted that through the Harcourts Foundation we are be able to support these groups to be able to continue to succeed and serve the needs of our members of the community who need their support.”

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