A helping hand for the CAB Hibiscus Coast

By andreasvendsen on September 16, 2014

CABIt’s the first place some turn when they are faced with a question they just can’t answer or a problem they can’t solve.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Hibiscus Coast receives upwards of 660 enquiries each month from local people needing some kind of help in their lives.

And thanks to generous support from the Harcourts Foundation and Harcourts Orewa, the CAB team of 36 volunteers now have new computers to work with.

Volunteer Joan Roberts says the old computers had gotten so temperamental it was touch and go whether they would start sometimes.

“The council funds our premises, electricity and our two part-time paid staff, but anything extra needs to be fundraised for – so this grant is a godsend for us.”

The Citizens Advice Bureau Hibiscus Coast offers free legal advice, accountancy and tax help, and JP services. However, the advice they offer goes much wider, with each day a surprise in terms of the kinds of enquiries received.

“Sometimes we need to be quite creative finding solutions, but each day we go home knowing we’ve helped people, and that’s a wonderful thing to achieve,” Joan says.

Harcourts Orewa is owned by Tandem Realty Limited, who make regular donations to local charities through the Harcourts Foundation.

Business owner Colin Hair says they are proud to be able to support their community, and the work of the Citizens Advice Bureau Hibiscus Coast is well known locally and much appreciated.