Monarch helps to give back with three community groups receiving grants

By Laura Wilmot on October 3, 2012

Three organisations from Hamilton are amongst eleven recipients receiving grants from the fourteenth round of the Harcourts Foundation, a charity set up by Harcourts Real Estate Group to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our communities.

This round’s $30,199 was spread over the country with three successful recipients being from the Hamilton area, with all funds granted by Harcourts Monarch Real Estate.

Harcourts Monarch Real Estate Business Owner Brian King says this round’s grants were about support and also prevention in their communities.

“There have been a number of burglaries and incidents happening in different suburbs within Hamilton and the amount of media coverage this has had recently highlights to us the importance money spent in the prevention and safeguarding of peoples properties has. As a Hamilton business and in the property industry this is money well spent hence why we supported the Neighbourhood Support Group.”

Prevention of crime and safeguarding people's properties are paramount for Neighbourhood Support

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton received $5,500 for day by day running costs for six local Hamilton offices.   Neighbourhood Support Hamilton’s Cindy Bridson said that this grant literally rescues them.

“Neighbourhood Support is a non-profit making organisation. In the past we have had a lot of support but things have become financially tighter so there has been a little less support. This grant helps us to survive.  It covers some basic costs, such as letters and postage sent out to people, and also publicity which we  couldn’t afford, but it needs to be kept going, flags and such out in the public so that we can be seen. Publicity is a very important thing that we need. We are literally just so grateful.”

On the flipside, Monarch also chose to grant to U Leisure and Glenview Community Centre.

Everyone can now enjoy the Around the Bridges Fun Run/Walk

“U Leisure is offering a good opportunity for people to be involved in the Bridges Fun Walk/Run and that is a very positive thing these days. Similarly we felt that the Glenview Community Centre is doing a wonderful job in the southern part of our city, providing good quality support and resources with all ranges of things covering education programmes, self-development, fitness classes and other community services with a big emphasis on the younger people and we want to encourage that,” says Brian King.

U Leisure received $2,000 to subsidise entries for Around the Bridges Fun Run and Walk for some families which the event entry fee prevents participation. U Leisure Limited Kevin Endres, says this was about U Leisure being able to assist people on low incomes into the event – a mechanism called community services card community discount – which facilitates those people entering the event.

“Those people will get a $16 discount off the standard entry. This is a great local community event which engages a wide range of people. We want to remove the barriers for anybody to be involved as this is a much loved event in the Waikato region.”

Glenview Community Centre provide great support and resources for the south Hamilton community

Glenview Community Centre received $2,573.44 towards creating a summer and winter edition of the Glenview Community Centre Newsletter and towards repairs and maintenance. Glenview Community Centre’s Ruoruina says the repairs their stage and office area will get are long overdue.

“We are going to replace carpet on our stage and office space. It a pretty old hall and the carpet hasn’t been replaced in a long time.  The stage and office space area gets well used by many people and is used for community events, public meetings. It is well used by the community and it will be great to be able to use it looking more presentable – our organisation relies heavily on any grants or sponsorship we can get.”

At the end of round fourteen the amount donated by Harcourts New Zealand offices since the Foundation was established in mid-2008 is more than $654,000 with over $418,000 having been granted to a total of 35 New Zealand organisations and charities.

Harcourts New Zealand CEO Hayden Duncan explains, more than $1,723,000 has been raised for The Harcourts Foundation through the voluntary donations and fundraising efforts of Harcourts team members on both sides of the Tasman, with additional support coming from some of the group’s business partners and clients.

“We understand how much of impact the grants can have for our recipients to start or complete their projects and as a result it means the Harcourts Foundation can support a variety of deserving organisations providing valuable work in the community, including the eleven worthy recipients supported in this latest funding round.”

Other recipients of grants from The Harcourts Foundation in New Zealand were:


  • Red Beach Surf Lifesaving Club – $3,000 towards training 35 members in First Aid levels 1, 2 and 3. Granted by Tandem Realty
  • Foundation for Youth Development Trust Waitakere – $5,000 towards Project K which is a programme to help students deal with challenges and teach life skills and values that build confidence and resilience in our young people.  Granted by Blue Fern Realty


  • Waipuna Hospice – $5,750 towards sponsorship of a high profile concert to be held in December 2012. Granted by Advantage Realty


  • Belfast School – $1,376 to buy a laptop storage backup unit to house laptops.  Granted by Twiss Keir Realty
  • North Canterbury Riding for the Disabled – $3,000 towards funds for the loan of new ponies and horses for our new riders with different needs. Granted by Twiss Keir Realty
  • RNZPS Christchurch North East Branch (Plunket) – $1,000 towards repairs and maintenance of the existing branch. Granted by Gold Real Estate Group
  • Kidsfirst Kindergarten, Isleworth Road – $1,000 towards the purchase of TV equipment to integrate a wide array of information communication technology in innovative ways. Granted by Vision Real Estate

South Island

  • Otago Life Education Trust – $2,000 towards a replacement tractor unit to tow our mobile classroom.  Granted by Highland Real Estate Group