The Harcourts Foundation grants CareFlight much needed funds for critical training equipment

By Hannah MacMillan on June 25, 2015

CareFlight recently purchased a Macgrath MAC Training Video Laryngoscope, a piece of equipment which is vital to training doctors, nurses and paramedics in one of the most critical interventions their medical teams perform, airway management.

The new equipment was purchased for training in Sydney and the greater New South Wales region, after CareFlight received a recent grant from the Harcourts Foundation.

The equipment will allow CareFlight’s doctors, nurses and paramedics to learn the new techniques associated with video-laryngoscopy without compromising their ability to respond immediately to an emergency.

“Before applying for the grant, training was curtailed because it meant taking the operational equipment out of service,” said CareFlight’s, Andrea Phillips.

Airway management is one of the most critical interventions that can be performed on a patient at an accident scene or in transport as getting it wrong has the potential to kill the patient. However, the devices used in this procedure are so expensive that CareFlight previously had no spares to use for training purposes.

CareFlight provides pre-hospital critical care, supporting first responders in emergency situations in rural and remote areas. Delivery of this vital trauma-care training requires specialist medical equipment.